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Yeah yeah, I've disappeared again.

Mostly due to business, unfulfilling work and depression. Dats all for my end of 2015.

But now, after some nice good time with closest of friends and a beautiful person appeared in my life, I felt more enlightened than I was the past couple years.

So now Imma open up for commision again, this time more serious and NSFW since I decided to man up and be MORE productive.

Those who have requested me before, I'm very very sorry, I will get back at ya soon coz I wanna rework on them coz my idle time away from DA made me ugh at my old sketches, they look shit.
Tho I am NOT open to new requests now.

I will not accept DA points coz in my region, it doesn't worth much to me, so I will put up a notice on how to pay me and my commish rates.

p.s: thanks to everyone who greeted me birthday months ago. I was not around on DA by dat time for that reason stated in the second line above.
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Short notice,

I now training and gonna work as some AIA Insurance Agent and Financial Consultant (so not me),

and still an active artist/editor for my own local comic magazine (will talk about someday),

BUT I am willing to take commissions for reasons, just inquire me thru note.
If I DO take requests, that'll take time coz priority.

Also I got a gf now and getting married....... just kidding.
>tfw no gf
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Wow, I realized I havent logged in DA for half a year.

I will eventually write out why I have been busy, but all I can say for now is that I have been reeeaaaaaaally occupied with three things:
1) My Comic Magazine business
2) Joined a game development team
3) Animation training for a startup company

Other than that, my life is still the same, lonely and slightly miserable (at my own fault).
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Yeah, I have been away for a couple months or so so here's a summary,
  1. I have made a deal with an investor to fund my business project so I have been working hard on it to deliver
  2. I have recently got into an animation program, so after months of training, I will be working as an animator
  3. Going through emotional zig zags
  4. Internet connection being an ass so I hafta work to afford an optic fibre connection.
  5. Working on two different comic projects, one which I will be working with a musician for help.
  6. There's one more commish I have to finish but somehow it kept slipping my mind due to all these bees knees.

So there,

Here's a copy pasted commission list from y last journal,
note that its for NSFW commish, so SFW ones might be a lil cheaper:

Sketch = $10(+$5 additional character)
Color = $15 (+$10 additional character)
With BG = +$8
NSFW = +$5

Full Body:
Sketch = $20(+$10 additional character)
Color = $25(+$15 additional character)
With BG = +$10
NSFW = +$5

and I didn't list them in DA points coz these are for direct payment ala Amazon Giftcards (or similar)

I stated the reason in my last journal.

For that one guy whom I haven't finished my commission, I WILL finish it as soon as the next couple days.

Gtg now, business meetings to attend.

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So I just recovered from two things, my fever/flu whatever and broken internet router.
Had to spend a lot to remedy those and now I'm back in the game.

My life has been alright, nothing much to tell, other than this one girl who was very infatuated with me (nice girl) and since I was so committed elsewhere, she now engaged to my ex-boss from my old workplace. Now I feel pretty bad.

I have made an updated commission list here:

Sketch = $10(+$5 additional character)
Color = $15 (+$10 additional character)
With BG = +$8
NSFW = +$5

Full Body:
Sketch = $20(+$10 additional character)
Color = $25(+$15 additional character)
With BG = +$10
NSFW = +$5

and I didn't list them in DA points coz these are for direct payment ala Amazon Giftcards (or similar)

Coz DA points apparently won't benefit me much other than getting me premium materials or other DA features, I dun blame them much because BRUNEI can't access the dosh here, which sucks as heck.

BUT, I still accept DA points commisson, tho, but only limited to SFW.

Anyways, I got a few more slots in my commission list and for those who already did, they are coming soon.
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After like 2 weeks, I finally recovered from the flu/fever shit I have to go through. Now that's one annoyance less for me to tolerate.

Anyways, I am much more active on my tumblah, especially my Radical-Gilda ask-blog which I am catching up a bunch of asks I need to answer. Since most of the arts are exclusive for that tumblr, so most of them aren't uploaded here, except a few exceptions.

And for some reasons, :iconpwfa: sent me an invitation to be a member X'D
Was it coz of the two nude pics recently? Hahaa.... (I accepted the invitation)

AND as for commissions, I decided to make the payment methods in two ways (kinda), one is the DA points as already seen on my profile page, which I will add more options soon, including the NSFW ones. Tho, all I can do with it is subscribe to premium or maybe a few prints in the DA store.

The other way are gift cards, like Amazon or whatever, so I can actually buy stuffs. Why gift cards? Well, coz my local bank cannot RECEIVE Paypal payments and I have no trustee outside the country to handle a bank account for me.

Changes will take over soon enough.

To those who already asked commissions/requests from me, I hope you can be a lil more patient with me coz I got some skewed priorities due to some other stuffs ^_^" but I promise I will finish them soon as I pick up the pace this week.
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As titled already said, I got sick again.
The coughs and fever I had last week came back again and is really annoying me.
Not to mention I still have to oblige with the festive month and all that, urrgh.

Doing art will be the slow, but goddamn I am trying.
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So I have been pre-occupied with a lot of art related things, like the magazine pitch stated in the last journal a couple of certain artbooks.
I have also found my old requests list, so that means I have more backlog I need to finish before I die (no, I'm not dying but who knows)
Also, fever and raya preparations also kept me busy from doing other art stuffs. so heh

Anyways, to all muslims who follow me, I wish you all happy Eid Mubarak. Enjoy your festivities, but also remember those who couldn't and maybe someday help those in need.

on the other note, I would wanna thank Embla-my for making me read Shigurui. It's a pretty ballsy manga and I love both the protagonist and antagonist that I am actually rooting for them both, the ending kinda left me a lil bitter tho.
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Its been a little while since I came back to DA.
Nothing much changes, other than some interfaces that I have to get used to again.

There are a backlog of commissions (actually not that many) to be done, and as much as I wanna do more,
I've got other projects to dedicate myself to and I need to learn to prioritize.
But since I got fired, perhaps I have more time for them.

I also wanna give my apologies to some people here whom I disappointed with my sudden disappearance again, and also thank you for being patient with me. Especially Queen-Soulia

I would like to thank BadMillennial for being supportive as well.

and most importantly, I want to thank Embla-my for coming  around, I hope she is here to stay. Because I promise to be around for her always. Without, I might wither.

I hope I don't sound too mushy here.
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Yeah yeah, I have been gone for another half year due to IRL problems, but now I'm back and ready to take commissions.
Even though I am unlikely to gain from it coz Brunei cant into Paypal money receiving.

Main reason I have been away for so long because I have been busy doing some local comics and arts magazine publishing project which took me longer than I expected to start up.
Once I have this running consistently, I will be able to submit (semi) regularly again.

So I just set up some commission thingy, on my profile page.
Decided to give this DA commission system a try.
Just to see whether it's a reliable alternative of payment for my situation.

Whoever interested, please check out the widget on my profile page.
So after a lotsa people asking me if I'm open for commissions on DA and Tumbr.
I am deciding to open up a commission shop soon.

It could help me discipline myself in some way better.
I also figure it might be fun doing what I like and get paid for it.
Aaaaand.... coz my current job didn't pay me enough anyways
and I have certain needs.

I only afraid that I don't have a consistent style
coz I do kinda clean ones,
and kinda messy ones,

Mature Content

Spooky Kuma Usagi by Ereb-Tauramandil
Look but noooo touchie. by Ereb-Tauramandil Hana by Ereb-Tauramandil

and I enjoy drawing in either way, but perhaps I should make that an option.

As for now, I am still thinking up approximate prices for the tiers, so I may post it up on my journal near the end of the week.

I ALSO just remembered I have a lil more requests I have to finish, I have been so busy with my work and projects that I have forgotten it. Until I can recall the list I havent finished, I hafta call rain check on that.

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It's been a long time since I updated my journal, but what the heck anyways.

This year has been a very busy year for me,

For one, my new job as a graphic designer and illustrator been keeping me occupied and drain me of my creative mood whenever I got home from work.

But that doesn't stop me from working on my comic/illustration magazine project, but it has been real slow in progress coz the other young local artists are quite busy as well.

Now that my boss going to put me in another team to work on some global project, means I'm gonna be twice as busy.

So my plans for finishing my request and starting a commission, again, have to be held back, coz really.... work is tiring.

I hope I could settle most of my other works so I can dedicated my time to draw what I WANT other than for my job.

That's all I wanna say, peace.
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Bla bla bla, Another year to live by.

Once again, I have been missing for a long time, my work kept me too busy and I barely have time to draw, besides my lame comic project and doin my music project.

I have so much to settle so to those requested from me, please bear with me, I have so much in my hands.
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Still busy doing:
1) A comic/Artbook project for an upcoming local con
2) Requests has been long overdue
3) Collabs with some of my friends
4) Concept art for a game.
5) My full time job at the cafe.

That is all.
Sorry for my lack of activity.
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My part time job has now become my full time job, I barely have one off day per week and most of the time, I work from 4 pm till 12 am.
I'm fine with it, though, but sometimes I hardly have time to do my artworks, since I usually do them at my workplace.

Because of my habit of jumping from one artwork to the another, I'm still slow in finishing stuffs but I can assure that every requests are in progress, as well as some original artworks.

Commissions will be open someday this month, since my current job didn't pay me enough. Had my pay last week and I feel broke after paying off lots of things this week.
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First of all, I wanna give a thankful shoutout to :iconpisleurable: for sponsoring me a month's worth of premium membership, although frankly, I do not know what to make use with such stuff.

Anyways, things are going slow these days and I honestly believe my current job didn't pay me well enough, but since I love my current job for all the free time it gave me to draw (also, good wifi), I may wanna start opening commissions soon, maybe as early as next week or two, as soon I got my paypal done and ready.

Although I have more accumulated requests to finish as well as other art-related projects for a local convention, but I do wanna get paid for my art for once.

I have also opened a points donation thingy on my page, which you fellas may also commish me out of it, for a time being.

By the way, I will not be taking any more requests for now, I have enough to keep me busy at the moment.

Peace be upon you all, my friends.

I am considering a graphic jobs at my current employment as an extra job, should I? maybe?
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It's been more than a couple months, I think, since I updated my journal here.
Despite my lack of activity here, I am still active drawing, although very slowly because of work and all that.

As for the pending requests, I have finished most of it, some are like half finished, especially the big ones (like the humanized Mane 6 and Wonderbolts requested by Kazuma3 and :devmlp673curse: respectively.

There are also artworks I start from scratch again because I personally am no satisfied with end results and scrapped it, such as Fluttershy human ponidox requested by MrSleepyguy.

But then again, I am also easily distracted so I did draw whatever in my request list in a an odd order, so I apologize to y'all >A<

Anyways, request slots are full so I'm not taking anymore requests (though with some exceptions)
Also, once I have my Paypal shit fixed and all, I might start a commission, maybe.

This is the current request I'm still working on/finished:

1. Trixie and/or Princess Luna for *AnimeFreak40K - re-doing
2. Humanized Pinkie Pie for =lessersubterfuge - Finished
3. Fluttershy (human AND pony) for ~MrSleepyguy - re-doing
4. Rainbow Dash for ~D3ADKi113R - re- doing
5. Malisia (my persona oc) for ~BaronHaaven - not yet finished
6. Her own OC for ~Aikaemi - Finished
7. Humanized Wonderbolts for ~Kazuma3 - In progress
8. Humanized Mane 6 for ~mlp647curse - In progress
9. Her OC, Lana, for ~ParallelFillyXVII - Finished
10. *processing* @_@

Okay, fuck it, more requests to take, hahahahaaaa

Gah, I need to discipline myself.
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Seriously, I have been off for far too long again for several but not limited to these reasons:
1) College
2) Internet problem <--especially this
3) Sick
4) Love Sick Emo
5) Part time job

For the past few months, I have done some new artworks and also finished most of the requests below, but for some reasons I can't upload anything yet other than commenting or replying stuffs, so bare with me moment.
Requests taken so far:

1. Trixie and/or Princess Luna for AnimeFreak40K - Finished, yet to be uploaded -
2. Humanized Pinkie Pie for lessersubterfuge - Finished, yet to be uploaded -
3. Fluttershy (human AND pony) for MrSleepyguy - Finished, yet to be uploaded -
4. Rainbow Dash for D3ADKi113R - Finished, yet to be uploaded -
5. Malisia (my persona oc) for BaronHaaven - Finished, yet to be uploaded -
6. Her own OC for Aikaemi - Finished, yet to be uploaded -
7. Humanized Wonderbolts for Kazuma3 - Finished, yet to be uploaded -
8. Humanized Mane 6 for mlp647curse
9. Her OC, Lana, for ParallelFillyXVII
10. *free*

Collabs in progress:

1. In consideration with Queen-Soulia
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Fucking FELL SICK... since the past week

Apparently have fallen sick since the past weekend so I haven't been working on my art since,
and all the request and unfinished arts are piling up now, aahhhh.

Damn flu, it sucks.

I hope I can get back to my healthy self so I can get back to work.
Being sick and doing nothing is hell for productive people.

Peace out, mellonamin

Requests taken so far:

1. Trixie and/or Princess Luna for AnimeFreak40K
2. Humanized Pinkie Pie for lessersubterfuge
3. Fluttershy (human AND pony) for MrSleepyguy
4. Rainbow Dash for D3ADKi113R
5. Malisia (my persona oc) for BaronHaaven
6. Her own OC for Aikaemi
7. Humaized Wonderbolts for Kazuma3
8. *free*
9. *free*
10. *free*

Collabs in progress:

1. Image art for PrinceWhateverer new new awesome music.
2. In consideration with Queen-Soulia
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